PHM People's Health Assembly 4


“United for health.” Our slogan makes our belief clear: combining forces is the only way to enforce the right to health.

That’s why Viva Salud doesn’t only have partners in the South. In Belgium, too, we collaborate with other organisations and networks.

At the international level, Viva Salud is involved in the People’s Health Movement, an international network that works toward the right to health.

In Belgium, we support the development of intal, a movement for international solidarity, fighting for the right to health, development and peace. It has hundreds of volunteers and supporters and about ten local groups throughout the country. Through local and national activities, intal aims to reach as many people as it can: raising awareness, organizing and mobilizing them for a fairer and more united world.

We also support, a solidarity movement with Cuba. Despite all the opposition, Cuba is proving that a good health is achievable, even in a relatively poor third world country facing a United States embargo.

It goes without saying we also cooperate with a host of other organizations: NGOs, social movements, solidarity groups and more. These collaborations are carried out in a variety of ways: cooperation agreements, campaigns, technical interventions, etc…

Viva Salud is member of:

We also work with various bodies that make it financially possible for us to carry out our programme together with our partners: