Documentary-Vlog: Running for Freedom, film of a marathon in Palestine

When Viva Salud’s running team travels to Bethlehem to participate in the Palestine Marathon, they had no idea how upset they would return from this trip.

Last year, in March 2023, one of our runners, a Brussels-based videographer, had the idea of making a documentary-vlog of the trip.

And the result is stunning!Through historical detours and clips from action programs, we learn much about Israel’s oppression. From Ramallah to Hebron, from Nablus to Bethlehem, we hear testimonies from Palestinian health workers, youth, local guides, cultural organizations and researchers.

A cocktail of revolt, solidarity and collective resistance to discover and share!

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Of course, there is also a deep link to current events in the Gaza Strip: this documentary is a great asset to better understand the current crisis.

Are you committed to what is happening in Palestine and do you know a location where this film could be screened? The team of runners and Viva Salud are happy to organize screenings throughout Belgium! Fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Steun ziekenhuizen in Gaza !

Emergency appeal from our partner AWDA, which keeps two hospitals and six health centers running in Gaza! We continue to support AWDA so they can continue to treat injured civilians.

(*So for a gift of 40 euros, you enjoy a tax benefit of 18 euros. It will ultimately cost you only 22 euros. You will receive our tax certificate at the latest in the month of April of the year following your donation(s)).