Namnama : solidarity between activists !

Do you want to strengthen social movements in their struggle for the right to health and social justice? Here is a concrete way to support activists in the Philippines. Support their children’s schooling and you will help Filipino activists to dedicate themselves to the social movements and the struggle for the right to health in their country.

Why is your support needed?

In the Philippines, many⸱ses trade unionists and human rights activists are involved in their communities on a voluntary basis. There are no subsidies or dues to pay for their children’s schooling. This can prevent them from becoming actively involved in the defence of human rights.
Namnama means ‘hope’ in Ilocano, one of the languages of the Philippines. Your support ensures that school fees for children are not a barrier to activists in the Philippines.

How does it work?

  • You provide monthly support
  • We send all donations annually to the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights, which redistributes them to each child in school whose parents are active in the social movement.
  • Twice a year we will send you news about the activists and their families.

Your monthly support is considered as a donation and entitles you to a tax certificate.
If you wish to support Namnama, please fill in this form and we will contact you.

In many countries, trade unionists have to live in constant fear of being dismissed because of their trade union activities. That’s why the Namnama project can really make a difference.”