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Make a donation

Support social movements in their fight for the right to health with a donation.

Thanks to your support, together we are creating change. 

You can also donate via wire transfer to the account number of
Viva Salud: BE17 5230 8138 7321 | BIC: TRIOBEBB | With notice “gift.

If you donate at least €40 to Viva Salud during the current year, you are entitled to a tax certificate in the following year. The tax reduction is 45% of the amount donated.

So for a gift of 40 euros, you enjoy a tax benefit of 18 euros. It will ultimately cost you only 22 euros. You will receive our tax certificate at the latest in the month of April of the year following your donation(s).

In case the federal government should make a more favorable decision during the year, we will report it.

Thanks to your support

CHD healthworkers

With 40 euros, our Filipino partners can organize a workshop for health workers to speak in public during an action.

Preventie ebola 2019

With 200 euros, the health committees of our partner in DR Congo are organizing an education session to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

Palestina zomerkamp

With 100 euros, a Palestinian youth can participate in a summer camp where young people build a movement for the right to health.

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