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Annual report 2018

2018 was the first year under our new name of Viva Salud! As we do each year, we gathered our results and our actions for 2018 in a varied report. For each partner country, you will discover the results we achieved with our partners, the main actions taken and the challenges to be overcome.

Paper: Why public health care is better

Today, when private actors see the health care system more and more as a market, we deem it important to defend and promote public health care. In our paper “Why is public health care better” you’ll learn:

  • why privatisation causes bigger inequality in access to health care
  • why privatisation is often more expensive on a long term
  • why privatisation is not more efficient
  • why privatisation doesn’t mean better quality
  • why privatisation means less government control
  • why privatisation means less availability of health care workers and worse working conditions
  • what kind of health care system we would like to promote
  • examples of successful social movements campaigns