European March for Palestine: Ceasefire now!


Faced with the massacres in Gaza, the outbreak of violence in the West Bank and the ongoing ethnic cleansing throughout occupied Palestine, our compass must more than ever remain international law and the protection of life, dignity and human rights. The violence that Palestinians are experiencing throughout the territory runs the risk of genocide, according to independent UN experts. By systematically refusing to force the State of Israel to respect international law and allowing violations to go unpunished, the European Union bears an overwhelming responsibility for the desperate situation we face today.

Let’s demonstrate this Saturday, November 11 at 2 p.m. from the Gare du Nord (Brussels) to demand from Belgium and the European Union:

  • that they do everything possible to obtain an immediate ceasefire and access to international aid for the Palestinians in Gaza currently in an absolute humanitarian emergency;
  • that they demand from Israel the lifting of the siege of Gaza with a view to lifting the blockade and reconnecting it with the rest of the occupied Palestinian territory;
  • that they provide political and financial support for the ongoing investigation by the International Criminal Court into the situation in Palestine;
  • that they tackle the structural causes of the present conflict by adopting binding measures against Israel so that it puts an end to the occupation, colonization and apartheid against the Palestinian people, starting with a military embargo and an end to trade with Israeli settlements.

The organizers call on participants to respect these slogans and demonstrate peacefully.

Any apology for war crimes, attacks against civilians, or any manifestation of anti-Semitism or any form off racism will result in exclusion from the event.