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Mixed outcomes at the ‘COVID-19 World Health Assembly’

The 73rd World Health Assembly saw the US continue its attack on China and the World Health Organization. The WHA recognized immunization as a global public health good but failed to do the same for vaccines. As part of the WHO Watch programme, the People’s Health Movement summarises the main outcomes of the meeting.

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A comparative look at our approach: rights above all

In 2019, together with KIYO and Solidagro, we made an evaluation of our work in common. Is the approach we use – the right-based approach – properly understood and applied everywhere? How could things be improved? These are the conclusions.

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Why public healthcare is better

Why public health care is better

Today, when private actors see the health care system more and more as a market, we deem it important to defend and promote public health care. Discover more in our paper “Why public health care is better.

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