Are you looking for an adventure of sport and solidarity?

On March 1, 2024, Viva Salud will run the Palestine Marathon again to draw attention to the Palestinians’ freedom of movement.

Together with our Palestinian partners, we have been organising a solidarity trip to Palestine for years to raise awareness of the Palestinian struggle. During this week, we travel through the occupied West Bank, meeting Viva Salud’s partner organisations and getting to know their work better. Staying in Ramallah, we visit key cities such as Nablus, Hebron, and Bethlehem. Local guides will tell us about Israel’s illegal occupation and the impact on the daily lives of thousands of Palestinians.

At the highlight of the trip, on March 1, we run the Freedom of Movement Marathon. We will pass by the illegal Apartheid Wall, Israeli checkpoints, two refugee camps and the ancient streets of Bethlehem. Thus, the marathon highlights the Palestinians’ limited freedom of movement, a direct result of Israeli colonialism. You can run 7km, 10km, 21km or the full marathon. Are you in?

Interested? One of our runners has made a great vlog of the experience! This viewing will completely convince you to join the marathon and support the Palestinian struggle:!

What’s on the menu?

A preparation programme:
Prior to the marathon and the trip, you will be expected to attend 4 prepatory sessions and will have a first introduction to the work of our partners Bisan and Health Work Committees (HWC). During the 4 sessions, you will be prepared for the trip and your participation in the marathon. We will discuss the history of Palestine, the current political situation, travel planning and safety regulations. Because of the importance of these info sessions, attendance is mandatory. The sessions will take place at the offices of Viva Salud, Haachtsesteenweg 53 in Brussels and will take place on (the exact time will be communicated well in advance):

Raising money for the struggle for the right to health:
In the months before our departure, we will collectively raise a minimum of €500 per person for the work of Viva Salud and our partners in Palestine. The trip and participation in the marathon are a good opportunity to make our friends, family and colleagues aware of the situation in Palestine. We will accompany you with tips and tricks for successful fundraising. 

Meaningful trip from 26 February to 3 March 2024:
During the trip, we will visit the research institute Bisan and the health organisation Health Work Committees (HWC). Both organisations are partners of Viva Salud, and face heavy Israeli repression. During our visit to the West Bank, we get to know these struggling organisations and what they mean for the right to health in Palestine. You will experience the impact of the occupation and the importance of international solidarity.

Travel arrangements

We estimate the cost of this trip at €800. This includes:

Questions + Registration

As we have limited capacity, we ask you to add a short motivation letter of maximum 1 page when registering. Briefly introduce yourself and tell us why you are so keen to join us in Palestine!

If you have any questions about the trip, please contact us directly at +32 470 82 72 22. Or via email:

Fill in the form below before 30 october to register. We’ll let you know soon!