For healthy working conditions

gezonde werkomstandigheden conditions de travail saines

People spend a large part of their lives working. The conditions in which they do so have a significant impact on their health. The right to health cannot exist without the right to healthy working conditions.

Figures from the International Labour Organisation show that at least 1.9 million people die each year as a result of occupational accidents and diseases. In addition, 360 million non-fatal accidents occur each year. Privatisations, expansions and takeovers of large companies, as well as health crises, are putting increasing pressure on working conditions, including in the health, agriculture and mining sectors. Women, the LGBTQ+ community and workers in the informal economy are the hardest hit.

Our objectives

That is why Viva Salud has been campaigning since 2022 for healthy working conditions for all: from health workers with insufficient protective equipment in the Philippines, to Palestinian farmers forced to work with dangerous pesticides, to Congolese miners exploited by large companies. Belgium and the European Union are often involved. We want other organisations and networks to integrate the right to health in their struggle for decent work. Together we mobilise social movements and the general public, influence policies and stimulate change.

Our collaborations

In partnership with organisations in Palestine, DR Congo and the Philippines, as well as with various national, regional and international working groups, we advocate for the right to safe and healthy working conditions worldwide.

We are campaigning for strict regulations concerning the export of banned pesticides outside the European Union and for a law on the duty of care that obliges Belgian and European companies to respect human rights throughout the production chain and to compensate for their violations. We join forces with other organizations such as 11.11.11, CNCD-11.11.11, Fian, SOS Faim, Solidagro, WSM and FOS.


Nicky Gabriëls

Policy & Campaign

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