NotATarget Campaign: Stand up for activists and our health!

All over the world health activists, workers⸱s, organisations and movements are being repressed. But our health can only be safe if theirs is safe. Let’s defend them!

The power of change

Health workers and organisations are a major force for change. They provide essential health services to the population, act as gatekeepers and steer public health policies towards greater social justice.

A target

However, we see around the world that health workers and organisations are targeted wherever democratic space is threatened. They are intimidated, arrested and sometimes even murdered. This repression prevents them from doing their work properly. Some stop their work out of fear and leave the sector or organisation they work for. Others cannot continue their work for legal reasons or simply because their lives have been taken away. The financial resources of health organisations can also be undermined by smear campaigns and legal attacks. This makes it more difficult to provide essential care and to bring about social change.

Their security, our health

This repression has a huge impact on access to health. It affects not only health organisations and workers, but also the health of the population itself. We can only be healthy when we are safe. Activists, health workers, health organisations and social movements defending the right to health should never be targeted. Join the #NotATarget campaign and defend activists around the world!


Get involved: Support activists around the world!

Show your solidarity !

Take a photo of yourself with a message of solidarity for our partners. Send it to our colleague Victor victor@vivasalud.be. We will send all photos and messages to Minister Kitir’s office in December. This way we will call for the continued protection of the social movement for health worldwide.

Defend the Defenders


Take to the streets of Brussels on 9 December for the ‘Defend the Defenders’ action. Together with other social organisations, we will highlight the importance of social movements and the work of activists.

Friday 9 December 2022 – Brussels


Support the social movement in Palestine, the Philippines and DR Congo. Make a donation on the Viva Salud account number BE17 5230 8138 7321 (communication: donation NotATarget).