Filipino health workers are not targets!

Health care in the Philippines suffers from a chronic disease. But those who speak out are victims of repression. Private health workers and even more so public service workers are exposed to real situations of violence.

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Philippines : ‘Health workers must also be activists’

In the Philippines, working in health care is not without risk, especially if you are critical toward the government and advocate for your patients’ rights. “Health work does not begin and end in the hospitals. We also have to look at what makes people sick, such as poverty, lack of education and shelter.”

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As part of our new #NotATarget campaign, Viva Salud shares messages from activists and health workers fighting for our rights in podcasts.

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Emergency Aid Gaza

For the fourth time since 2008, Israel launched yet another assault on the besieged Gaza Strip this August. During a 3-day siege, bombardments and airstrikes killed 49 Palestinians, including 17 children. Health and community association Al Awda provided medical care for dozens of victims in very difficult circumstances. Al Awda urgently needs your help! Please donate now!

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Covax Unicef Ethiopia

‘If only COVAX had taken the monopoly breaking approach’

All over the world, governments have promoted COVAX as the magical solution to the pandemic. But while big pharma companies are making billions, COVAX is struggling to achieve its own modest ambitions. We spoke to expert Prasanna Saligram of People’s Health Movement (PHM) to learn about the role and challenges of COVAX.

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Share the vaccine stop the virus

Campaign: Share the vaccine, stop the virus

No one is safe until everyone is safe. That is why the vaccine must be a global public good, universally accessible to all. To achieve this goal, we have to take action. Share the vaccine, stop the virus.

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All heroes for health : Only Fighters Win

The coronavirus crisis affects everyone. But it does not have the same impact on everyone. To contain the coronavirus pandemic, many governments are taking drastic measures. But sometimes these measures put human rights and democracy at risk. However, the work of social movements is more than necessary now that the right to health of so many people is in danger. But the coronavirus pandemic is not just a crisis, it also offers an opportunity to build a healthy society.

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